Scott Fraser Racing
Dedicated To The Memory Of Scott Fraser (1970-2004)

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2000: Now there's a devilish Santa...

2001: Scott was melting lead on this day at the KIng racing shop in Pictou...

February 2001: Modelling the new Shubie Shuttle hat...

September 2001: An Elvis sighting at the Memphis ASA race...

September 2001: Scott always was a fan favourite (Memphis, TN ASA race)...

August 19, 2000: During an autograph session at Scotia Speedworld... (Thanks Bev Peterson)

November 11, 2000: A good-natured Scott was the subject of makeover at a function held in Halifax that paid tribute to Scott's inaugural ASA season... (Thanks Bev Peterson)

September, 2002: Scott and close friend Curtis Lindsay at a pre-race social event for the NBIS 250... (Thanks Laura York)



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